Rotting Christ – Non Serviam A 20 Year Apocryphal Story [2CD 2009]


01.Intro (Logos-Aima-Noima) Repack 02:12
02.The Sign of Prime Creation Repack 03:20
03.Keravnos Kivernitos Repack 04:37
04.Athanatoi Este Repack 05:17
05.Enuma Elish Repack 04:57
06.King of A Stellar War Repack 06:09
07.The Fifth Illusion Repack 04:11
08.Archon Repack 04:06
09.The First Field Of The Battle Repack 05:43
10.Shadows Follow Repack 04:34
11.The Sign Of Evil Existance Repack 02:20
12.Fgmenth Thy Gift Repack 04:09
13.Coronation Of The Serpent Repack 03:56
14.The Mystical Meeting Repack 04:35
15.Thou Art Blind Repack 02:25
16.Morality Of A Dark Age Repack 05:00
17.Saturn Unlock Aveys Son Repack 05:49


01.Exiled Archangels Repack 04:42
02.Sorrowfull Farewell Repack 04:38
03.Among Two Storms Repack 03:53
04.After Dark I Feel Repack 04:13
05.In Domine Sathana Repack 04:56
06.Nemecic Repack 04:30
07.Under The Name Of A Legion Repack 05:41
08.Societas Satanas (Thou Art Lord Cover) Repack 03:50
09.Non Serviam Repack 05:02
10.Visions Of A Blind Order Repack 03:53
11.Sanctus Diavolos Repack 05:36
12.Transform All Suffering Into Plague Repack 04:13
13.Wolfera The Jackal Repack 06:34
14.Forest Of N Gai Repack 04:47
15.Feast Of The Grany Whore Repack 02:56
16.Saturn Unlock Aveys Son Repack 06:25


Black Metal from Greece


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